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Titan Stories

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Ferrari Festival 2013

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Lamborghini Murcielago SV

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The Dream Catcher. The Third Titan

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The Dream Catcher. It often happens that many of us end up losing motivation and hope towards what we strongly believe to be our greatest idea, our goal in life, our dream. It takes motivation and drive to never give up, to reach that accomplishment. Here we present you with a motivating story of success about an individual with whom many of us can relate and gain motivation from. Here is the Dream Catcher, the third Titan. Rodrigo’s story begins in Mexico City, the city where he grew up and where his parents who played a major role in his motivation in life, built their own. Coming from a middle class family in a city where luxuries are, to this day scarce for middle class families. His father being a sales man and his mother a housewife, Rodrigo’s biggest luxury was the warm family ambient that accompanied throughout his early years. Motivation and the drive to never let...